“The curing of disease depends upon the body’s internal powers of resistance and only secondarily on treatment” – (Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text. 549)

Often we forget that true healing comes from the cellular intelligence within us, not from those that are giving us treatments, whether they are doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, or shamans.

The internal physiological world of the body (organs, nervous system, cells, etc.) knows exactly what needs to be done to stay healthy.

Your cells, not you, are in charge of keeping your heart beating.

This is a good thing because if you had to worry about beating your heart 60-80 times per minute you would probably, unfortunately, do a bad job and end up dying.

Trauma, stress, and illness (the natural fluctuations of life) unbalance the body’s state of health, but health is always at the core of the body’s intention.

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Do Your Cells Even Know You Exist

It is important to remember that not just you “Name, Last name” is worried about your survival, but every cell in your body is doing what it does to support its own survival and therefore also yours (no body, no you).

It’s debatable whether the cells in your body even know you exist.


Embryo at week 3 or 4. Image from an ectopic pregnancy.

What they do know is that if they do not take in nutrients and get rid of wastes they will starve and/or get sick and die.

Similarly if they do not perform their specific function(s) to keep the body environment favorable for life (not too acidic, not too basic, not too hot, not too cold, etc.), they are also certain to die.

It’s important to see this and realize what an incredible phenomenon it is that almost everything in your body works independent of your conscious mind and, despite this fact, is perfectly efficient at keeping you alive minute to minute.

We Support The Healing

As practitioners we aid the body in its healing process, we do not do the actual healing.

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We help support the physical conditions, the internal physiological environment, and the resources of the body so that it can go from maintenance mode to repair mode and properly address the obstacles it faces.

Know your body.

Spend time paying attention to its concerns, joys, and discomforts.

It’s only with your help that we practitioners can assist your body to attain its maximum state of health with the resources that it has available.

–Samantha Lotti

Author: Samantha Lotti

Samantha Lotti is the founder of Biodynamic Health and creator of Body Compassing. She is a certified and registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST, RCST®), licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and board certified herbalist in Oak Park, Illinois. A personal back injury brought Samantha to biodynamic craniosacral therapy and ignited her interest in a variety of healing modalities.






- Samantha Lotti

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