“Abstract: (1) Background: Fire department cadets preparing to become firefighters and paramedics experience high levels of stress when participating in incidents like traffic accidents and fires. Stress adversely affects health and coping with it proves difficult. Unfortunately, there is no single method that reduces stress completely in humans. One non-invasive method for lowering stress hormone levels is craniosacral therapy. (2) Methods: Fifty-seven firefighting cadets aged 18-24 years (21.63 ± 1.41) participated in the study. They were randomly assigned to either a test group or a control group. Participants’ blood levels of cortisol and CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone) were assessed before and after the study. The study group underwent 5-week craniosacral therapy (1x per week). (3) Results: The Kruskal-Wallis test showed that the therapy group’s result was statistically significant for CRH values (p-value=0.00067) and for cortisol values (p-value=<0.0001). Wilxocon and Dunn tests showed that statistical significance for cortisol after CS therapy between the control and study groups (p=0.0377), and for CRH between the control and study groups before (p=0.00634) and after the study (p=0.000887), and in the study group before and after the study (p=0.0101). (4) Conclusions: Five weeks of craniosacral therapy lowered stress hormone levels. This therapy is a non-invasive tool for reducing stress.”



Wójcik, M.; Bordoni, B.; Siatkowski, I.; Żekanowska, E. The Effect of Craniosacral Therapy on Blood Levels of Stress Hormones. Preprints 2023, 2023091241. https://doi.org/10.20944/preprints202309.1241.v1

Photo by Matt C on Unsplash

Author: Samantha Lotti

Samantha Lotti is the founder of Biodynamic Health and creator of Body Compassing. She is a certified and registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST, RCST®), licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and board certified herbalist in Oak Park, Illinois. A personal back injury brought Samantha to biodynamic craniosacral therapy and ignited her interest in a variety of healing modalities.

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